Short Term Missions

Bible Gospel Ministries hosts short term visitors/missionaries each year. Our visitors come from a variety of countries; the USA, Canada, UK, Holland and Germany, to name a few. Often, these visitors come on church teams, as individuals, as ministry volunteers, or as families on vision trips. Our visitors participate in a variety of activities such as:

  • Sponsor Visits.
  • Community Evangelism.
  • Church Construction & Repair Teams.
  • Medical & Dental Missions.
  • Leadership Conferences.
  • Pastor Trainings.
  • Food Distributions.
  • Vacation Bible School Volunteers.
  • Office Volunteers.
  • Ministry Vision Trips.
  • and much, much more…

To determine activities for teams we look at the team members’ areas of expertise and experience and compare them with the current needs within BGM and our local church partners. Teams enjoy learning more about the culture and climate of Uganda through their interactions with our staff, our students, our churches and our communities, but they also have an opportunity to explore and enjoy Uganda’s beauty through BGM organised safaris and tours.

Visiting teams are an encouragement to us!
Short term visitors continuously remind us that our Christian brothers and sisters around the world believe in what we do. They also serve along side of us and help increase the impact and reach of our ministry. While we feel blessed by this, we find that the team members are also blessed and we have heard several stories of how these trips have significantly impacted and changed the lives of our short term visitors as well.

We encourage you to sign up, join a visiting team or plan your own team trip for this life changing journey simply by emailing our Short Term Missions department today!

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