Here is a story from Bible Gospel Church Kampala Mercy Network Project

Ndagire Florence is a mother of three children by names of Damalie aged 15, Oliva aged 8 and James aged 11 where two children James and Oliva go to school and Damalie is not studying due to lack of school fees. Florence stays in Angola where she comes to Mercy Network with Damalie daily to attain skills in order to keep her equipped.

Florence with her children

Florence qualifies for Mercy Network support because

she trains the Mercy Network beneficiaries in the skills

training without getting a single coin yet she comes

daily to train students. Florence was trained in our skills

training where she graduated and thus became the

trainer then. Although Florence is married to Bukenya

Emmanuel who is a motorist that sometimes fails to find

customers due to this rainy season, so she finds challenges

in that area of basic needs.

Florence has been receiving Mercy Network support since March, 2018 till date and thus has been a big change that now she can save the money left sometimes by the husband 5,000/= (Five thousand shillings) for school fees for her son James and daughter Oliva.

Florence gave her life to Christ in 2016 and a lot have been changed positively.

Pray for Damalie to get school fees so that she goes back to school since she stopped in primary Seven longtime ago.

Glory be to God.


  1. Need a Computer, Printer and flash disk.
  2. Five (5) heads need to be bought, one(1) leg to be bought and the machines also need to be repaired.
  3. Majority of the beneficiaries have children in the school going age who don’t go to school due to lack of school fees.
  4. Darkeness in Mercy Network due to lack of power just appears once in while.
  5. A bigger black board for teaching.
  6. Bibles for Mercy beneficiaries.
  7. A camera.
  8. More chairs due to the increase in the number of students.


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