History of Bible Gospel Ministries

BIBLE GOSPEL MINISTRIES is a church based Development Agency to offer both Organisation and Apostolic covering to local churches in Uganda. The Organisation is protestant in origin, evangelical in belief and pentecoastal in practice. it has a very humble beginning way back in 1983 as a branch church of Makerere Full Gospel Church. it started in a rented grass thatched building in Kawempe near Roko Construction Company.

Bible Gospel Ministries was registered as a Non- Governmental Organisation with the NGO Board on 30th May 1997 and subsequently as a Company Limited by Guarantee on the 1st day of September in the year of our Lord 1997. The Ministry has now grown and is being governed by ordained pastors and elders and it has reached out to many people through its various life ministries that is to say Mercy Network, Dream Scheme, Child sponsorship Program, among others.

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