Ideas on how to enjoy Easter and Easter program from BGC

Easter is a special day in our lives and at our church. So many people look for ideas on how to enjoy their Easter season, we have put across ideas to help you in this season.

However, above all ideas, the true meaning of Easter is Christ and his Resurrection, this is a great basis of our faith. Imagine if he didn’t rise from the dead! Our faith would be baseless!

Easter, also called Pascha (Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD.(

  • Family Traditions:
  • These are thousand fun ways for a family, allover internet. Here is one of them for the traditional  family. Special Saturday/Sunday Morning Breakfast. Lots of families have special Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast traditions. This  can be a meal.
  • Activities
  • Family Meal. Countless studies have shown the positive influence that sharing a meal together as a family has on children and entire family.
    • First: no TV, no cellphones, and no tablets.
    • Begin with grace. If you’re not religious, have everyone share something that they’re grateful for that day.
    • Family news: everyone takes turns sharing something positive and negative that has happened to them during the day.
    • “Got any stories?” This is a tradition that Kate and I have had for a few years. Each person is expected to bring something interesting to the table that they’ve read or heard during the day.
  • Family Prayer. Prayer is important . Family prayer doesn’t have to be just a dinnertime thing. You can pray as a family before everyone leaves in the morning, before everyone goes to bed, or both. A family that prays together stays together!
  • Family Singing Time. There’s something about singing that unites humans on a primal level. What’s more, through song, you can pass on your values and cultural heritage to your children. Your family can always sings a song or two before bed.It makes children feel comforted, loved, You sing songs about being a family.
  • Evening Walks. This can create freedom and “talk time” and can also strengthen families. Evening walks are a great time to get some fresh air and digest the day’s events along with your dinner.

Lastly, Family days are so important especially for the traditional homes in our nation much as the ideas put across can be also enjoyed in all Internationale communities. Easter is usually a day that families;

  1. Meet as a clan, visit each other as relatives or party.
  2. Families can decide to have an evening out for pizza, a concert and much more.

The list of ideas is endless, glorify God in all you do!

Friends allow me give you the plot for Easter Moods here at Bible Gospel Ministries!

Bible Gospel Ministries- Church Kampala.We have;

1. Prayer and fasting from Monday to Good Friday 5pm to 7pm, Good Friday is a special Cross Fellowship.

2. Also don’t miss the Easter Sunday Services.

3. And on Easter Monday, you know, all roads lead to Tick Hotel

Everything is Tick!!!!!

Article by: Moses Ogenyi(Church Administrator)

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