Ps. Edward Mwesigwa Baligonzaki

Pastor Baligonzaki is the senior pastor of Bible Gospel Church Kampala and one of the directors of Bible Gospel Ministries. He and his wife Jane have 5 children. He plays a key role in empowering youth by being an advocate for child welfare & youth camps.

He is also a member and secretary general of Faith Ministries International Network
Pastor Edward has held to the ministry vision as found in Colossians 1:28. His desire is to teach and establish everyone in the perfection of Jesus Christ.

The church provides a nursery, children, and youth ministries with an emphasis in socio-economic development projects. Pastor Edward ministers to the community through public speaking, networking, coaching and various social work. Through these avenues of outreach, the Gospel is preached and individuals are supported. The local community is strengthened while church growth is increased.

He is also very passionate about children and disadvantaged people. He is excellent in teaching and counseling regarding HIV/Aids and other health issues.