Urgent Needs

Mercy Network Sponsors Needed Urgently for the mercy network program

The Mercy Network Program is in desperate need of sponsors!

We currently are lacking sponsorship for 20 of our continuing young mothers/students, some of whom are in their last year of studies. This is due to lack of resources like sewing machine, computers and many others.
These students will be DROPPED from the Mercy Network programs if we do not get sponsors for them before the end of the year! Keep a Mercy network single mother in school! CLICK HERE →

300 Children Need NEW Sponsors
Many children were affected by the change of the USA economy, when their sponsors were no longer able to sponsor them. Many of these children had to drop out of school as they wait for new sponsors. By choosing a child on our website list, you will be helping a child who has put their education on hold, while they wait for a new sponsor to come along!
Sponsorship cost $40 per month and includes child development, discipleship & biblical foundations, child & youth leadership training, and school fee assistance.

Put a child back in school! SPONSOR NOW →