Organizational/Church Plants

Bible Gospel Ministries has planted Several additional ministries
Over the years, BGM’s ministry has grown & expanded immensely. Besides Bible Gospel Church (BGC) as the Central Church. This growth has led us to plant several additional ministries to help us accomplish all of the work that needs to be done here in Uganda. It is often said that BGM is the mother, and these organisations/churches are our children.

These ministries, while part of us, comply with our Uganda standards boards and are thus registered as organisations here in Uganda. As organisations/churches it is important to note that we work closely together and we are each a vital part in helping BGM realise its vision preaching the gospel and equipping generations of Christian leaders in Uganda.

  • Bible Gospel Church Bajjo in Luweero District
  • Bible Gospel Church Bamunanika also In Luweero District.
  • Bible Gospel Church Mpala, Entebbe in Wakiso District
  • Bible Gospel Church Kavule also in Wakiso District
  • Triumph Nursery and Primary School in Kawempe
  • Mercy Network Kawempe
  • Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)
  • Kawempe Child Development Program (KCDP)
  • Dream Scheme