Mercy Network Kawempe

Mercy network as a charity project of Bible Gospel Ministries started in 2005, entirely as a feeding program to 25 poor families a year. Later alone after realizing the appealing challenges that people in the community were walking along life especially the vulnerable children, Mercy Network made a decision to support orphans, vulnerable children, single mothers and poor families living in Kawempe Community and its surrounding areas, who have limited capacity to take care of their children

The Network provides basic health care services that include availing de-warming tablets and vitamin+ tablets This assistance given to the mercy project beneficiaries promotes physical strength which results into better livelihoods.
In 2007 the network was able to receive a donation of six (6) sewing machines, this marked the beginning of a Tailoring and Skills Training workshop in table cloths and cloth designing for single mothers.
In 2013 with the continuous support from BGM and other various individual sponsors more activities were started in addition to tailoring, like computer training classes, hair dressing lessons and a Pilot designing class was opened.
We thank God for generous partners African Renewal Ministries, Good Samaritan Funding and Feed Hunger project for playing a big role to ensure that Mercy Network achieves its goals

1. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. Equipping, teaching and discipleship believers.
3. Bring about moral, social and economic rehabilitation of society.
4. Nurturing children in Christian morals.
5. Reaching out to children, parents/guardians and the surrounding communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ through biblical principles and acts of mercy.
6. Monitoring the health status of children below the age of 3 years in the community.
7. Provide education opportunities.
8. Equipping parents /guardians of sponsored children with self-reliance livelihood skills in tailoring, knitting, crocheting etc. as a way of improving their living standards and direct them towards employment.
9. Enabling parents/guardians acquire health skills as well as enabling them get good nutritional habits in their homes.
10. Providing counseling to mothers especially to those affected by HIV/AIDS through fellowships such as home cells and weekly gatherings.
11. Developing income generating projects to support project and ministry: ensuring sustainability and continuity of the community.
12. To ensure that structures are developed for the children in the community to have basic necessities. .,
Skills Development/Mercy Network Skills Training (S/D)
Under CHF program, all beneficiaries are graduated at the end of a year. It is anticipated that after 12 months, the parents and beneficiaries are well equipped and supported to provide adequate food and basic care for their children. As a way of addressing the issue of continuity, these parents are provided with vocational skills that will guarantee provision of income to meet these needs. Since the start, we have held about eight graduations.

The skills development program includes;
o Tailoring and knitting
o Enterprise development training
o Health and sanitation
o Other life skills
The vocational school currently has;
1. Ten sewing machines
2. Two knitting machines
3. One over lock machine
4. One design-making machine/zigzag machine
5. A container/workshop accommodating at most 10 students at ounce
6. 10 stools
7. A notice board
8. Six benches
9. 2 tables
10. 1 chair
11. A wall clock
In addition to the school, two full time instructors who work on voluntary work, and this year, more two are expected on part time basis for the designing and hair schools.

Good Samaritan Program This program works in partnership with the mercy network and it is a partnership between the mercy network and the members of the church. The program was conceived after members realized that there was bigger need for community intervention as compared to what CHF was supporting or funding about 40 members, committed to make a monthly contribution towards the budget of mercy network. This initiative was named the Good Samaritan through it we can support 10 (ten) families.

Children Hunger Fund (CHF)
The main donor of Mercy Network Kawempe sought to alleviate suffering of vulnerable children by equipping God’s church to communicate the gospel through effective compassion ministry .CHF began her food and other resources to serve the needs of more than 10 million children in 35 United States and 72 countries worldwide including Uganda.

CHF, a Christian 501 c a U.S non –profit organization, works to alleviate the suffering of children in impoverished regions across America and around the world through strategic partnership in targeting communities. It also works to improve the lives of poor children and their families holistically, meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Each situation is unique, so CHF responds in many different ways through the following programs.
o Home delivery of food
o Emergency feeding campaigns
o Medical clinics (mobile and permanent)
o Orphan homes
o Discipleship
o Job training
o Disaster relief
o Clean water
o Community development
o Farming training and support.
CHF is well known for program efficiency since inception, more than 99% of all revenue has been used in programs serving the needs of children.
CHF’s strategies are most vividly exhibited in the mercy networks. These indigenously led groupings of local churches work tirelessly to care for poor children and communities. Using CHF’s food pack as a relationship building tool, trained volunteers bring food directly to the homes of suffering children and work to affect positive changes in their lives.

Get Involved by Supporting Mercy Network
If you want to help these young mothers and in turn help the people of Kawempe Community, please click on the link in the upper right corner of the page to make a tax deductible donation to Mercy Network Kawempe. May God richly bless you as you do. Our desire is to open as many Skills/Training Centre’s as God will give us, and to abundantly and lovingly meet the needs of those who abide there. I pray you will consider joining Bible Gospel Ministries in making a difference in these precious lives. Together, we can offer hope to the hopeless. May God bless you for your heart of compassion towards these young mothers, vulnerable children and poor families.

Mercy Network Kawempe

Family Meals

Program Grads

Food Distribution


Tailoring Classes As part of the Mercy Network community, each family participates in:

  • Evangelism & Discipleship (through home cell fellowships & Bible Study fellowships)
  • 1 year of food distributions
  • Skills Training (Tailoring)
  • Health education
  • Computer Training
  • Yearly Beneficiary Graduation celebration

We at BGM love seeing the impact that our partners make in the lives of our people. Thank you Children’s Hunger Fund for being such a blessing to us!