Write to Your Child

While its not required that you write to your child, we strongly encourage you to do so. Letters let your sponsored child know that they are important to you. Letters also help increase the child’s literacy and communication skills. You my write to your child as often as you may like.
Topic that will interest your child include;
• Church, School or Work
• Favorite Pastimes
• Family, customs and traditions
• Prayer request and Praise
Your child will greatly enjoy the pictures of you and your family. Letters do not have to be long or extremely detailed.

Letters should also avoid the following topics;
• Excessive detail about your possessions (home, car, etc). This will only point out differences between you and your child. • Giving out your email or home contact information
• Using ‘Americanisms’ or language your child will not understand
• Inviting your child to visit you in the USA.
You can send your sponsored child a letter electronically through our online form below
Send your sponsored child a letterHERE!