Youth Ministry Ministry

BGC Youth ministry is under Bible Gospel Church/Ministry and it has existed for more than 30 years, we share the gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ in Communities around Uganda Africa and worldwide.

Our Vision
“Whom we preach, warning every man and teaching everyman in all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus”. Derived from Col 1:28.

Mentor youths to discover their vision, mission, purpose in life and purse them. 1 timothy 4:11 – 16

The Youth Ministry is led by a group of young people who seek to ignite passion in the hearts of the youths to exalt God. We unite the youths in the family of God and equipping them to fulfil their God-given purpose. We purpose to see that the passions, desires and gifting of the youths benefit the Kingdom of God.

What We Do

Youth Fellowships
Every month we hold youth fellowships twice a month and they are categorized in terms of Junior youth fellowships & senior youth fellowships These involve sharing the word of God, Life experience, praying together & so many others.

Among all that is the tea fellowship, in this fellowship youths get to visit other youths and have fellowship associated with swallow ship in their homes. They get a chance to see the family of the visited youth and they do this every month, it has been a great success because many youth get to involve in it.

Youth Night Prayers
These are held on every last Friday in a month, they are both internal and external overnights. We spend a good moment in the presence of God, sharing the word and seek his face, We always invite all youths from different churches to pray with us throughout the night and glorify the Lord through praise and worship
Quarterly Seminars
We also carryout seminars every after three months where they get to welcome neighboring churches. These seminars are both business seminars, spiritual, social and even political.

Youth Camp
The Youth Camp Training Program at BGM is a 2weeks to 1month intensive camp for all of our Secondary (High School) students and those at the University levels. Our Youth Camp Training Program focuses on: